Marianne Gailer Senior Designer | Sydney

As an award winning certified Kitchen & Bathroom Designer, Marianne likes to consider the total concept of your home to achieve the perfect layout, harmony and flair. Awards, 2010 NKBA NZ: Winner Best Bathroom Design, Most Innovative Bathroom.

With many years of experience in the interior design world my aim is that your new investment seamlessly integrates with the rest of your home. I love working with my clients every step of the way to ensure you realise your dream; a stunning kitchen or bathroom

laura policy blue tea designer
Laura Poilly Senior Designer | Sydney

Laura has 10 years of design experience working with high end joinery and stone masons which has helped develop a phenomenal level of product knowledge. A graduate of Enmore Design centre specialising in interior design, Laura has a uncanny ability to design and visualise the finest of details. Laura love problem solving and believes in designing spaces that become an extension of someones personality.

I feel strongly about designing in a way that doesn’t harm the environment rather as much as possible a compliment to it. I really believe that design has to be a solution to a problem. The challenge is coming up with a design that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Kerrie Reay Kitchen Designer
Kerrie Reay Interior Architect | Sydney
Kerrie graduated in Sydney with a BA Design-Interiors with Assoc Dip in Set Design & Art Direction. She launched her career in the Film & TV Industry working in all areas – feature films, TV shows and commercials. For the last decade her focus has come back to Interiors, particularly kitchen and bathroom designs.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place we meet, create & share. Whether it be contemporary or traditional, it is essentially a workroom. A well designed kitchen is a highly functional space with beautiful aesthetics, to cater for our family and reflect our lifestyle

George Rilkovski Interior Architect | Sydney

George’s innate ability to understand the client lies at the core of his work. His multifaceted design background includes retail commercial and residential design, the latter showing highly resolved kitchen and bathroom schemes.

My role as an Interior Architect is to draw from the imagination of the client. Ultimately, it is our collaboration during the design process that brings fruit to an amazing interior space.

kitchen designer Melbourne Claire Foot
Claire Foot Senior Designer | Melbourne

Claire is a passionate designer with over 6 years industry experience. She prides herself on attention to detail ensuring all users of the space have been considered, providing an end result that is both functional and fabulous. Finalist in both the 2016 KBDI and HIA Kitchen Design Awards. 

Every day is exciting in such a vast and forever changing industry driven by style and functionality. I am very fortunate to be able to implement these styles into my projects, working hand in hand with unique clients to make a vision come to life.

Nadia Hursky Interior Architect | Melbourne

Nadia started her career in design working in Germany on ethically designed furniture. With a degree in Interior Architecture [honours], Nadia’s attention to detail and flair for materials and colours are the basis for creating sophisticated, stunning designs. 

It’s vital to find beautiful solutions to practical, everyday needs, to understand and transform the space ergonomically and aesthetically.

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Judy Parkin Senior Designer | Brisbane

With over 12 years of international experience Judy has the ability to create spaces that have a real connection to her clients. Judy creates functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. This accomplished designer has worked in London for Alno in their premier store and boasts an impressive portfolio.

Combine the understanding, needs and wants of the client to create beautiful interior spaces

Ali Parsyar Project Director | National

Ali is our project director. Ali has a background in finance and media, and he brings to our team unbelievable attention to detail and project coordination. Ali’s core objectives are to:

Communicate clearly, regularly and effectively with all clients. Always be available to answer any question. Manage all aspect of a projects in particular time & quality of the end result.

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