Gense Cutlery

Gense is a Scandinavian company of award-winning designers, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of cutlery. They lead the world in innovation, design and quality in cutlery design.

Gense is a Scandinavian cutlery manufacturing company, established by Gustav Erikson in 1856, founded on respect for traditions, and the complexities and beauty of fine craftsmanship. These values continue with well known modern designers, evident in Gense’s modern and timeless cutlery designs.

Gense Cutlery

Favourite Products

Gense’s cutlery range is innovative, classical, functional and modern. Each range is made of the highest grade stainless steel, bringing years of pleasure to your dining experience.

Folke De Luxe

Folke de Luxe is one of Gense’s most notable cutlery range. Designed by Folke Arström in 1955, it has been a collectors item for many years. “New York Times” has listed it as one of the “hundred best designed products of modern time”. It has a stylish retro-classical appeal and suits a table setting that demands design flair.

Below is the Folke Steel version. Equally as elegant, but a close to a third of the price. The Steel version below is $139.


Appetize by Gense is a feminine, modern and graceful range inspired by the oval shape of the Japanese tea plant. This stunning range won the 2006 Formidable Design Prize in Sweden.

The designer of Appetize, Nedda El-Asmar has won several other prestigious design awards including L’Étoile de l’Observeur du design 2006 (France),and Designer of the Year 2007 (Belgium). She has exhibited in Europe’s leading art galleries, and has designed pieces for Hermes and Villaroy and Boch.


The Fuga cutlery range is subtle and classic, with soft rounded curves. Fuga was designed in 1962 by Tias Eckhoff, one of Norway’s most versatile and pioneering designers. It remains a design classic. Eckhoffs designs are known for classic and understated Scandinavian designs and Fuga embodies the essence of this style—uncomplicated yet precise.


Figura, designed by Berti Vallien, is inspired by ocean waves. It is organic, lively and ergonomic. Previously Vallien worked as a glass designer for Kosta Boda. This cultlery range shows the influence of molten glass, with its fluid and playful movement creating and defining the forms.

Technical Information

Gense cutlery is made from 18/8 grade stainless steel. 18/8 refers to the amount of chromium, nickel and iron which combine to produce stainless steel. 18/8 stainless steel refers to 18 percent being chromium and 8 percent being nickel, the remainder is made of iron and other less significant alloys. Cutlery generally ranges from 18/0 (meaning zero nickel) to 18/10 stainless steel. Nickel prevents rust and corrosion, so cutlery with higher nickel percentages, such as Gense, are more durable and resistant. Cutlery with zero nickel is also magnetic.

Gense cutlery is a leader of innovation in design ensuring only the highest quality of materials are used. Gense will last a lifetime and will be admired for it’s striking Scandinavian design appeal.



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