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2017 Kitchen Trends: Green tiled island | Blue Tea Inspiration
2017 Top Four Emerging Kitchen Trends

2017 kitchen trends brings with it some new and exciting concepts. We will see the revitalisation of some older ideas merged with fresh interpretations. We will be looking for a calm, collected and functional kitchen space, one that takes us back to our roots but emerges us in todays society. Contemporary farmhouse will be the buzz word in 2017 kitchen trends. We will be seeing the Hamptons style kitchen continue to grow in popularity. Thin bench tops are going to be making a statement, as too are tiled kitchen islands. 2017 is going to be an exciting year for kitchen design.

2017 Kitchen Trends:

1. Contemporary Farmhouse

Contemporary Farmhouse is a new style of kitchen that is emerging in 2017. It is a dash of country, a dash of industrial with a splash of Scandinavian style all rolled into one. This style of kitchen is characterised by a kitchen that is detailed in some elements, and paired back in others. For example, the doors may be detailed with a V-groove stripe or a shaker profile. It is then paired with simplicity; no wall cabinets, a modern bench top and contemporary brass fittings. The clutter usually associated with a farm style kitchen is replaced with minimalism. The result; a fresh but warm environment that is inviting, yet functional and decluttered.

grey farmhouse modern kitchen | Blue Tea 2017 Kitchen Trends

Above is kitchen that has fused together farmhouse with contemporary elegantly. The kitchen has V-groove panelling doors that pay homage to the farmhouse style. It is then mixed with industrial concrete floors and black framed glass doors. The overriding Scandinavian minimalist approach is clean and fresh. This is a beautiful and refreshing space that combines these elements so gracefully.

contemporary farmhouse kitchen | 2017 Kitchen Trends Blue Tea

This kitchen is bold and graphic with its strong use of black and white. Large dark stained V-groove doors are contrasted with expansive slabs of white marble. Some bold gestures are at play here and the results are striking.

small kitchen in grey | Blue Tea Kitchens

Small and petite, this kitchen fits it all in. Oozing style, this kitchen is compact and fuses elements of a traditional and modern kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen in black and white

Another black and white version of a modern farm-style kitchen. Clean lines are detailed with V-groove panels and oversized light shades. Simplicity meets style here.

contemporary grey and white kitchen | Blue Tea

This kitchen shows the merging of two very different styles and has a classic/ modern twist. This open plan kitchen is designed by interior architect Indrė Sunklodienė from Lithuania. Grey modern cabinetry is contrasted with detailed panelling on the the pantry doors. Old meets new here and the two styles are blended together to create something fresh, original and fun.

2. Tiled Kitchen Islands

Tiled kitchen islands are set to gain momentum in 2017 kitchen trends. This is an area that has often been neglected in terms of design. However, designers are now seeing this as a new piece of canvas to complete their designs. Tiles are a great option as it adds texture, colour, depth and interest. Below are a few different styles of kitchens that have utilised tiles in the island. The results are breathtaking.

Moroccan tiled kitchen island | Blue Tea Inspiration

This beautiful and simple kitchen is rich in texture. Cabinetry is kept simple, and textural tiles are used throughout the space. The moroccan kitchen island is the feature with its heavily detailed tiles. It offsets the simplicity of this space and the tile choice make it truely stunning.

Tiled Geometric Splashback | 2017 Kitchen Trends Blue Tea

Dramatic geometric tiles are used as a feature in this space. Choosing a strong tile for your kitchen island works best if the rest of the space is minimal.

Terrance Conran Kitchen | Blue Tea Inspiration

Terence Conran is the British design icon of the Conran Store. This is his kitchen island built for practicality. Whilst not a statement piece, the island ties in to the overall kitchen design.

2017 Kitchen Trends: Green tiled island | Blue Tea Inspiration

Designed by Australian architects Bates Smart, this kitchen is bold and sassy. The cabinetry is kept simple in classic white with brass accessories . The green tiled kitchen island is similarly close to Pantones colour of the year ‘Greenery’.

3. Hamptons and Beyond

Hamptons style kitchens are for those seeking depth and a touch of opulence in their kitchen space. Originating from the Hamptons in Long Island, NY these kitchens are characterised by their coastal grace and attention to detail. If you would like to understand more about this style, read more here: Hamptons Kitchens.  What we are seeing in 2017 is a more updated version of this style with soft whites and greys becoming popular.

Nautical Hamptons Kitchen | 2017 Kitchen Trends Blue Tea

Soft whites characterise this Hamptons style kitchen. Nautical and minimal the detailing is precise. Suspended cabinetry changes the proportions of the doors and gives it a modern edge.

Grey and White Hamptons Kitchen | Blue Tea

The colour scheme is perfect in this kitchen. Soft whites and pale greys create a serene and sophisticated palette.

Grey Hamptons Kitchen by Three Birds Renovations

This open planned Hamptons kitchen designed by Three Bird Renovations is understated and chic. Calming greys and off whites bring a sense of tranquility and style to this beautiful space.

4. Bench-tops: Thin are In

Barely-there thin bench tops are a look that is going to be gracing 2017 kitchen trends. Throughout the years thick, substantial bench tops have been dominating the style files. But with recent technologies bench tops now are available in super thin sizes offering great strength and durability.

If you are looking for a thin bench top there are a few options; engineered stone, corian, porcelain and stainless steel. Caesarstone,  have released a 12mm range in certain colours that is worth checking out. Corian is an acrylic surface that comes in various thicknesses with 6mm being the thinnest. Porcelain is a fairly new bench top material in Australia that comes in large slab sizes at 12mm. The installation cost of this is still quite high as fabricators don’t particularly like working with the large and thin sizes. They come in a huge range of colours and finishes and in time, installation cost should come down as it gains popularity. Stainless steel can be manufactured to suit in terms of length and thickness.

Below are some images that demonstrate how graceful these bench tops can look.

2017 Kitchen Trends: Thin bench-tops| Blue Tea

A thin black bench top completes this kitchen. Black cabinetry, black handles, a black cooktop and bench top  make the kitchen look integrated and effortless. Upper cabinets are crafted with a chevron pattern and matched with brass lighting.

stainless steel kitchen by ILB | Blue Tea

A very sleek and minimal kitchen designed by ILB Interiors in Germany. The stainless steel kitchen is crafted with precise detailing. The accuracy of the kitchen is contrasted with the textured and layered brick wall. 2017 kitchen trends are about just this; creating a balance between old and new, organic and precise.

Veneer and Marble Kitchen by De Rosee Sa | Blue Tea Inspiration

20mm marble and timber veneer is used in this kitchen designed by De Rosee Sa in London. Rich in texture, not much is needed to adorn this kitchen. The marble extends into the splash back and then forms a small ledge. The splash back is integrated and minimal. We will be seeing more of this look in 2017.

thin natural stone bench top

This kitchen also uses 20mm natural stone and timber veneer. Again the stone extends to the wall to create a thin and minimal splash black.

2017 kitchen trends sees new and exciting developments in design. Old values are reconstructed in new ways.  The traditional farmhouse kitchen gets a fresh interpretation. Tiles will be making a dramatic appearance in kitchen islands. 2016 saw the increased popularity of the Hamptons kitchen, this style will continue to grow and become refined. Finally, thin bench tops are in and are here to stay for a while. We are excited to see the developments of these concepts integrated into our designs at Blue Tea.

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Small Kitchen Design | louwerse de jong architects Netherlands | Blue Tea Kitchens
Big Ideas for Small Kitchen Spaces

With growing populations in big cities, it is no surprise that kitchen sizes are shrinking. However, designing your small kitchen spaee does not have to mean a limitation on options. Here at Blue Tea, we’ve analysed some space saving ideas and tricks to help with your design layout for a smaller space. Attention to detail and design creativity are essential when renovating a smaller  kitchen as every centimetre counts! Read more to see how to maximise your space whilst retaining a stylish and classy kitchen.

Storage Solutions For Your Small Kitchen

If you have ever had to work, cook or navigate a small kitchen, you will know how vital space saving solutions really are. Nowadays, there are a plethora of technology and innovative ideas to help you maximise space and increase your comfort levels. Below you will find some examples of how you can increase the storage capacity in your kitchen to better the overall function and ergonomics of your space.

blum inner drawers | small kitchen ideas | Blue Tea

Drawers are the best way to get the most useable space out of your small kitchen. They hold up to 30% more storage than cupboards, keep your items organised and more visible, and eliminate clumsily stacked items found in cupboards. Drawers may be more expensive, but for a small kitchen space they are definitely a worthwhile investment.

Pictured above is a hidden inner drawer. This allows the design to keep its clean aesthetic whilst providing clever storage on the inside

pantry drawers by Blum (legra)

Continuing the drawer theme is this pantry above using Blum Legra hardware. In a small kitchen space having items that can be easily accessed is priceless.

Blum Oil Drawers for the Kitchen | Small kitchen ideas

If you can spare 200-300mm in your kitchen, this is a great little cabinet to consider. A pull out oil drawer means that you can keep cooking oils close to your cooking zone.

Blum Kickboard Storage | Small Kitchen Solutions

Another space saving mechanism is this kick board drawer engineered by Blum. Awkward-to-store baking and muffin trays can be conveniently tucked away in one of these beauties.

under sink storage ideas

The area under the sink is often a dark and wasteful space. It can be convenient to store your rubbish bin here to save space in your kitchen. You can also add a flip down cupboard that can house your cleaning equipment for everyday chores. This area then becomes practical instead of wasteful.

Small Kitchen Design Tips

Along with utilising special hardware, you can also add special custom designed features that allow you to make the most of your small kitchen space. Intelligent cabinets and clever design tricks will help make your space more practical as well as maintaining a desirable design aesthetic.

Clever storage ideas in the kitchen
Spice and oil cabinet near fridge
Pantry ideas-tall and slim

Above is a selection of cabinet designs that may come in handy if you are designing a kitchen within a tight space. The first image is a clever way to store your keys and everyday items that often don’t get thought about. It will keep your bench top clear and your mind organised. The following images are storage ideas using tall but slim cabinetry. Often pantry items get lost in the depth of a standard sized cabinet. Here you can use a wide but thin cabinet for storage meaning your items are easily visible and reachable. These design idea’s don’t take up a big footprint.

Kitchen Designed Under The Stairs
Kitchen below stairs

If you are planning your new kitchen layout and are flexible with it’s location, how about using the area under the stairs? It obviously won’t suit every situation, but by keeping it partly under the stairs you are making use of otherwise dead space. Above are two examples which show seamlessly integrated kitchens into spaces under the stairs. Infact, by using space this way it becomes a design statement in itself.

Hanging Shelves | Design feature for small spaces
Suspended shelves in a small kitchen

Hanging shelves don’t specifically increase storage space. They do however, make a somewhat cabinetry-dense space seem less heavy, and more airy whist still providing storage solutions.

glass cabinets in a small kitchen

The kitchen above shows how you can cleverly add storage space around a window area without it looking overcrowded. By having glass fronted doors around the window makes the window seem more appealing and the design integrated. The space does not feel boxed in.

Design Layout Ideas For A Tiny Kitchen

Small kitchen layouts need to be kept simple but smart. Symmetry is important in a small space as your eye will pick up on design flaws more readily. It is tempting to overcrowd a small space with cabinets. However, it is important to use some of the elements discussed above and come to a meeting point on design aesthetics verse plain storage capacity. Below are some small kitchens that are aesthetically pleasing and make use of some of the design features as mentioned above.

Small Grey Minimal Kitchen

Often corners are tricky spaces that are had to reach. Here the designer has paid attention to creating a corner area that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. A win win situation!

Small Grey Minimal Kitchen

Keeping the design simple and uncomplicated is a key ingredient to designing a successful small kitchen. Here the design is minimal but sufficient.

Galley Kitchen showing Symmetry

Here this small galley kitchen uses symmetry to convey harmony. Drawers maximise space. So too the double stacked wall cabinets will provide plentiful storage in this kitchen.

A Case Study

Here is a beautiful and minimal small kitchen designed by architects Louwerse de Jong in the Netherlands. The kitchen area is small, but the clever design creates the illusion of spaciousness. The galley kitchen is also a thoroughfare to the rest of the living areas. Whilst not conventional, the distance between the two bench-tops is wide. The joinery has been built seamlessly into the architecture. On one side there is an integrated fridge and wall oven stack preceded by a clear bench defined for food preparation. Open shelves create a feeling of spaciousness.

On the other side of the galley is the sink and cooktop area. A single under-mount bowl sink is used to save bench space. The joinery fits snuggly between two feature brick walls. The depth of the brick wall is matched by a stone ledge that extends up from the bench top. This bench top width is below the standard size and a tap is fitted into the ledge. The ledge provided additional storage space and the wall is left bare and uncluttered and features industrial lighting. The cooktop too is a narrow model to fit within the design constraints.

Attention to detail is the winning feature of this kitchen. A wide thoroughfare and a relatively thin bench area make the space feel open. Additionally there are no wall units further adding to this sense of space and openness. A truly winning design for a small kitchen.

Attention to detail is the winning feature of this kitchen. A wide thoroughfare and a skinnier than usual bench area makes the space feel open. Additionally there are no wall units further adding to this sense of space and openess. A truly winning design for a small kitchen.

In Summary

It can be challenging to work with a small space to design a kitchen. However, by utilising the latest technology coupled with cleverly designed solutions, it is possible to create a functional, ergonomic and stylish kitchen. Let us know if we can be of any further help and we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on our small kitchen space ideas!

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Contemporary minimalist kitchen in timber
How To Design A Contemporary Kitchen

Sleek, simple and uncluttered; the contemporary kitchen offers a livable space for those of us who value high functionality with a minimal aesthetic.

Advanced hardware, clean lines and a play on form are all considered essential ingredients to create this style of kitchen. Texture too also comes into the mix in the contemporary kitchen design to create intrigue, add softness and bring something other to the minimalist look.

Read on below for our top four tips on how to bring to realise the contemporary kitchen in your home.

Aim For Clean Lines In Your Contemporary Kitchen

Detail makes the design in a contemporary kitchen. Harmony is created by paying attention to where lines meet and cross. Does the splash back sit in line with the cabinetry? Is there repetition in the design? Are the drawers the same dimensions? And is there enough interest to keep it from being too plain? There is no room for error in the detailing of a contemporary kitchen. Below are some examples where harmony is created through structure and geometry.

kitchen symmetry, white cabinetry and calacutta marble

Above shows a minimal contemporary kitchen. Lines meet and cross elegantly. The splash back sits in-line with the tall cabinetry. The space is bare and uncluttered. Wall cabinets are omitted to create a sense of space.

White contemporary kitchen island

A large, white island stands solitary in this grand space. The island is geometric in structure with even drawers throughout and is emphasised by the ceiling opening above. A dark kitchen wall runs against the island and into the ceiling space. Sculptural lighting completes this dramatic look.

black kitchen detailing by Leibal Architects

This dark contemporary kitchen is designed by Leibal architects. Sleek and streamlined, the dark colours are offset by crisp geometry.

contemporary Scandinavian Kitchen Design | Designed by Blue Tea Sydney

Designed by Blue Tea for a house in Coogee, Sydney, this contemporary kitchen has Scandinavian appeal. Clean and minimal the shelves are recessed into the wall for intrigue and space efficiency.

Create A Sense Of Space And Openess

The optimal designed contemporary kitchen should both look and feel spacious. Your designer should pay due focus on the form and function of the kitchen, but also the void and negative space between.

The contemporary kitchen is sleek and uncluttered. In many instances, cabinetry is kept to a minimum to keep the space open. Barely-there wall cabinetry and open plan islands are a constant feature of this contemporary style. Often, the dining and living space are combined so that the kitchen in itself becomes the centrepiece of the floor plan.

Creating space within this kitchen is vital and sometimes storage areas may be sacrificed. For example, islands that have a table incorporated into them means that the space underneath isn’t used for storage. Building voids into the design is visually appealing and optimises harmony within this look.


Below are some examples where the space created in the kitchen becomes its defining feature.

Contemporary minimalist kitchen in timber

The kitchen above is designed by Hans Verstuyft Architects in Belgium. The defining feature of space is integral to this design. Wall cabinets are omitted. Instead, a bulkhead rises to the high ceiling. The simplicity and luxury of the materials brings a sense of elegance. A single light is suspended over the kitchen table further emphasising the vastness of space this kitchen offers.

Lombard and Jack contemporary kitchen

The kitchen above is designed by Lombard and Jack  designers in Melbourne. This kitchen is sleek and spacious. A long but narrow kitchen island fills the length of the kitchen. Half the island is transformed into a dining area with open space underneath. The other half consists of suspended cabinetry. The void spaces in this island creates a contemporary kitchen that is harmonious and spacious. A single shelf replaces wall cabinetry. The varying bench top thickness also add interest to this kitchen.

Eggersman contemporary kitchen

This German kitchen designed by Eggersmann is truly stunning. Using high technology the kitchen is manufactured in real concrete. Vintage oak contrasts with the concrete cabinetry. Wall and floor cabinetry are suspended and elongated. The results? An extremely spacious and textural kitchen.

combined living and dining space

This kitchen integrates the dining and kitchen space graciously. The island bench is the key feature of this space. The height and material changes are playful and functional. The island extends out into a super large dining table. This kitchen is spacious, elongated and functional.

Create A Play On Texture

Contemporary kitchens are often minimal in terms of form and function. Texture can be used to create interest in a contemporary kitchen. Texture can be found in cabinetry doors, the bench top, the splash back, flooring etc. Adding texture will increase the visual and tactile appeal of your kitchen.

Minimal kitchen design with marble splash back

A minimal kitchen with a big impact! The beauty and depth of the marble contrasts with the clean and simple design. The kitchen is completed with beautiful bronze detailing. This is seen in the tap fixture, lighting and door hardware. This kitchen shows a beautiful mix of detailing and texture and creates a calm space.

Minimal kitchen with Oak doors

This kitchen designed with oak doors is rich in texture and repetition. The symmetry and pattern on the doors creates visual integrity. The solidness of the timber gives a feeling of durability and timelessness. Space is created by leaving off any heavy wall cabinetry.

contemporary kitchen island

Texture can be used in one element of your kitchen design. Here it is the bench top. Timber is contrasted with the black stone in varying heights. This adds interest and depth to the design.

timber kitchen island

Contemporary kitchen design can sometimes come down to how the material is used, and not what the material is. A solid timber island could look rustic or traditional, but here it looks modern. This is because of the detailing of the island, and the contrast it creates in the space.

Use Modern Appliances and Fittings

Modern appliances are essential for a contemporary kitchen. Sleek, futuristic and functional modern appliances complete the look of your space. It simply wouldn’t fit the design ethos having a bulky freestanding oven or kitchen sink. The idea is to hide or integrate your appliances so the kitchen looks less like a kitchen and more like a piece of furniture or artwork. However, be careful not to go to crazy with kitchen technology. With the exponential rate of technology advancements, what was once cutting-edge can quickly become out-dated. The key is to keep your kitchen timeless, streamlined and functional.

leman unit in contemporary kitchen

Clever storage solutions is a must in a contemporary kitchen. As the kitchen aims to look spacious storage can sometimes be sacrificed. Therefore it is clever to make the most out of the storage spaces you have left. Here a lemans unit is integrated into tall cabinetry providing access to hidden corner areas.

Hidden kitchen workspace

Here a practical workspace is hidden behind doors. This functional coffee and tea area can be closed away to keep inline with a clean and fuss-free space.

contemporary black and white kitchen with modern appliances

Black appliances are on display and make a statement in this kitchen. Streamlined yet bold these appliances are modern and complete the look of the kitchen.

A contemporary kitchen is simple in its form and function. However, to achieve this simplicity can be surprisingly complicated. A successful contemporary kitchen requires attention to detail and careful planning to create a spacious environment. Pay attention to geometry, repetition and texture. Plus don’t forget to add the latest kitchen gadgets that make sense in your space!

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Pastel Hamptons Kitchen by Tom Howley
Five Classic Traits Of Hamptons Kitchens

The Hamptons Kitchen has long been a lust-have for those inspired by the elegant, coastal calm of signature interiors found in classical homes of the Hamptons, New York.

Breezy, spacious and embracing – the hallmarks of the Hamptons kitchen make a natural fit for the beachside or family lifestyle. Seamlessly translating into both past and modern architecture of Australian homes.

The sophisticated old world charm of this style is becoming increasingly popular for anyone who prioritises substance in design. Particularly for those seeking an alternative to the sleek and buffed minimalism of contemporary design that can sometimes feel devoid of depth or character.

Read on to discover our top five tips to re-create the Hamptons kitchen look in your next renovation.

Will a Hamptons Kitchen Suit Your Space?

Evermore, the Hamptons kitchen is gaining popularity due to its effectual blend of both grace and style. However, not all homes are made like they make them up there in Long Island, New York. So, when considering the Hamptons interior, the first qualifying question to ask is: will a Hamptons kitchen suit your space?

Homes in the Hamptons are oversized and graceful; think a cottage-feel on a grand scale. Naturally, the Hamptons kitchen evolved from this sense of opulence and coastal living.

Typically, Hamptons architecture include pitched or high ceilings, exposed timber beams, large French doors and windows, and timber flooring. However, don’t worry if your home doesn’t quite tick off these features. While these traits are desirable, they aren’t necessary.

The most desirable criterion for creating the Hamptons look is a home with an open floor space coupled with furnishings that will complement this aesthetic. Providing that these two things are taken care of, the instance of an old world or new home won’t matter too much. The Hamptons design can be tweaked and adjusted to transition into a more contemporary design of interior, while still retaining its original traits.

We do not recommend a Hamptons renovation for small, enclosed kitchens. This look can make the space appear too cluttered and heavy.

1. Keep It Light and Bright

Hamptons kitchens are meant to keep your space uplifted and reminiscent of days spent by the coast. Light, elevating whites and pastels are the way to go with your colour scheme. See below for some inspiring soft white and pastel coloured kitchens.

Bright and White Hamptons Kitchen

Above is a typical Hamptons style kitchen set in a traditional house. Beautiful, bright and airy, this white kitchen is a crowd pleaser.

Pastel Hamptons Kitchen by Tom Howley

This gorgeous kitchen designed by Tom Howley. Soft and sophisticated this kitchen is a stunner.

Modern Hamptons Style kitchen with no handles

This updated take on the Hamptons kitchen is designed by Green couch in San Fransisco. Handless cabinetry gives the space a contemporary edge.

2. Use Shaker Cabinetry

This style of door originated in England during the 18th Century Shaker movement in furniture design. The design ethos was simple:  keep things durable, functional and plain in style.

The door has a frame and panel profile, often with a slight beveled edge on the frame. The doors can come in various finishes. For a Hamptons style kitchen, this will be either a painted or a polyurethane finish. A Shaker profiled door can be inset into the frame of the cabinetry. In modern style kitchens, the doors run flush next to each other without an exposed frame.

White shaker doors- Hamptons kitchen

Above is a traditional styled Hamptons kitchen. White shaker doors are inset into the frame of the kitchen. Glass doors are also a popular feature of the Hamptons style.

modern hamptons styled kitchen

This is a modern version of a Hamptons kitchen. The Shaker doors run flush next to each other. The black adds a contemporary pop.

Grey Shaker doors with farm house sink

Consider your handles to be a feature too when designing your Hamptons kitchen. These ones are solid and industrial, yet also invoke class.

taupe shaker doors

This cute, taupe kitchen is designed by DeVOL. We love the detailing in the legs, the frame and the kitchen handles.

3. Tile Or Marble Splash-back

A tile or marble splashback will work with your Hamptons kitchen whether you are intending to create a classic or modern aesthetic.  Glass or stainless steel is simply too shiny and aloof for the warmth of the Hamptons style. If you are using marble, Calcutta or Carrara marble is optimal. If you are opting for tiles, a ceramic subway style tile looks amazing.

white subway tile splash back | hamptons kitchen

A white subway tile is a classic choice but it can look quite modern too.

Grey subway splash back | Hamptons kitchen

Alternatively, a darker colour can bring more drama.

marble splash back | Hamptons kitchen

A marble splash-back as an extension from the bench top can look elegant and classy. This marble is Carrara.

4. Nautical Lighting

Hamptons kitchens are reminiscent of coastal living. Naturally, it makes sense to reflect this sentiment in the design. Oversized pendant lighting paying homage to a nautical past is a great way to subtly carry this theme through, while adding the perfect finish to the Hamptons kitchen.

oversized glass pendant lighting | hamptons kitchen

Glass pendant lighting is a fantastic way to create a feeling of space. Industrial and heavy-set with steel, this lighting is a superb way to to complete your Hamptons kitchen.

oversized pendant lighting hamptons kitchen

This solid, oversized lighting feature is reminiscent of heavy steel ships anchored in deep blue oceans.

pastel kitchen with nautical lighting

Industrial, polished steel lighting completes this pastel Hamptons kitchen.

5. Butlers Kitchen Sink

The classic butlers style kitchen sink can make a superb finishing touch to the Hamptons kitchen. It easily works in both traditional and modern styled kitchens.

farm style sink
farm style sink hamptons kitchen

The Run Down

A Hamptons kitchen is fresh and sophisticated; grounded in an old world class. This popular style of renovation suits a variety of interiors and will increase the value of your home. To stay true to the Hamptons aesthetic, keep your kitchen bright and airy, use shaker style doors, with a traditional splashback in marble or tiles. Don’t forget to add nautical inspired feature lighting and a butlers style sink to finish the look and to bring a little Long Island style to your gorgeous home.

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urban and rustic kitchen trend 2016 | Sebastian Cox
*Top Four Kitchen Trend Ideas for 2016*

From deconstructed cabinetry, to texture in unusual places; these kitchen trend ideas will be gaining momentum in the New Year. The forecast for 2016 will see a new style of kitchen accent Australian homes, stepping away from slick and polished into an aesthetic that is unique, personalised and incorporating multi-faceted elements. Varied materials, rich textures, different furniture pieces and a bold appearance of navy will all be introduced into 2016 kitchen designs; breathing new life into our favourite living space.

Kitchen Trend 1. Cabinetry Deconstructed.

In 2016, kitchen ideas are evolving to transcend the kitchen beyond that of purely boxy cabinetry. The kitchen is instead becoming a place where we can explore different ways to store items in a more beautiful manner. The idea of the boxy cabinet will be completely reinvented – becoming deconstructed to give the illusion of a perceived lack of cabinetry. Or, so that details are accented and celebrated in a masterpiece of joinery.

sebastian cox sustainable kitchen
urban and rustic kitchen trend 2016 | Sebastian Cox

Above are two kitchens designed by Sebastian Cox. They are urban and rustic, yet highly refined. The mix of materials and textures is harmonious and detailed. Scandinavian in essence, this kitchen is relaxed and unpretentious. The mixed use of materials takes away from any boxy kitchen elements.

small industrial kitchen
minimal industrial kitchen

The above kitchen is designed by Russian architects INT2 for a 40m2 flat. The architects have exposed the frame of the kitchen rather than the cabinetry. The kitchen framing has become the core element of the design. Infact, there are no cabinetry doors in this entire kitchen. Even the laundry is exposed instead of hidden.

danish kitchen detail | GARDE HVALSØE
timber detail in kitchen danish kitchen detail | GARDE HVALSØE

This kitchen designed by the Danish company GARDE HVALSØE. Instead of disregarding the cabinetry in the kitchen, GARDE HVALSØE pays fine attention to it. The kitchen is transformed into a work of craftsmanship and art.

south african farm house kitchen

Above is a South African farm house kitchen. The cabinetry and shelving has been seamlessly designed in the space and any elements of a boxy kitchen has been swiped away.

Kitchen Trend 2. Texture in Unusual Spaces.

While the kitchen is kept minimal, texture is taking centre stage in 2016 trend forecasts. Here we can see examples of texture being used in non-traditional and out-of-the-box ways – and the results are absolutely beautiful.

timber ceiling in the kitchen

A stunning timber kitchen offsets this simple and classic white kitchen.

tiled island in white, kitchen trend for 2016
rustic simple kitchen with black glass tiles

In the above two kitchens, tiles are used for a dramatic impact. The white kitchen island is completely tiled in the matching wall tiles. The effect is bold, but the white keeps it clean and fresh. In the second kitchen black subway tiles contrast with the rustic kitchen elements.

white textured wall- kitchen trend 2016

A white textured wall is the feature of this large breezy and lofty space. The kitchen incorporates nooks and crannies for storage within this wall. Clean, sophisticated and open, this kitchen is both unique and classy.

Kitchen Trend 3. A Touch Of Navy

Navy is the new black according to our style gurus here at Blue Tea who predict this kitchen trend to take off in 2016. The particular shade of navy is very important here, as to achieve the on-trend effect it needs to be quite deep and inky. This hue works wonderfully with white to give it a touch of nautical inspiration. Navy cabinetry also works well with Hamptons-styled kitchens.

navy cabinets- kitchen trend for 2016

Above is an elegant and simple kitchen featuring navy cabinets, white washed timber floors, brass handles and a simple plugin light that is draped over a hanging pole. A great alternative if you are in an apartment and can’t alter the ceiling lighting.

Navy kitchen island with cararra marble top

Above navy cabinets are paired with cararra marble tops, stainless steel shelves, white subway tiles with grey grout and black framed windows that look onto the garden.

Navy kitchen island trend for 2016 by Tom Howley

UK designer Tom Howley, has designed this beautiful kitchen showcasing a navy island that is offset with light grey doors on the remaining joinery.

Kitchen Trend 4. Unique Storage Ideas.

One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen into a more liveable space is to substitute traditional cabinetry for unique pieces of furniture that can double up as storage spaces. This kitchen trend is easy and inexpensive to implement, the only thing that is required is your imagination! One unique or quirky piece is all you may need to give your kitchen that relaxed, lived-in and homely feel.

vintage cabinet for plate storage

Instead of installing a typical pantry cabinetry, search around local antique stores to find a unique display cabinet to house your plates and crockery.

unique storage ideas: kitchen trend for 2016

This is a neat and simple idea to replace you pantry storage. This kitchen features a fully tiled wall with open bracket shelving to store plates, pots and pans, etc. The narrow but wide-open shelving becomes a feature of the space to showcase the full functionality of the kitchen. A sharp departure from the traditional concept of keeping the kitchen pantry hidden behind closed doors!

rustic urban kitchen design by Sebastian Cox

In this beautiful space designed by Sebastian Cox, the kitchen harmoniously comes together. The kitchen design is warm and unpretentious through a use of diverse materials and objects. All unified by a neutral colour palette.

industrial kitchen featuring open shelves

An open powder-coated steel wall of shelving defines this industrial style kitchen. The clever design is used to create the kitchen boundaries but also keeps the space fluid and open. The incorporation of rustic timber doors, a patterned tiled floor, and exposed beams create incredible diversity in this stunning space.

swedish industrial kitchen with unusual shelves

This Swedish industrial kitchen takes inspiration from found objects and transforms the wall storage into a relic of days gone by.

2016 sees kitchen trend ideas moving towards a depth and experimentation with texture. The kitchen trend that makes the biggest impact is the re-evaluation of the standard boxy cabinet. Instead storage ideas are sought out after in a more creative and personalised manner. However what remains constant is the strive for a harmonious, sophisticated and unpretentious kitchen space.

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a tiled kitchen island and concrete bench top
Kitchen Ideas For Queenslander Homes

Every Australian is familiar with the beautiful, charming and nostalgic Queenslander homes that fill Jacaranda-lined streets in our country’s sunny northern state. If you are considering purchasing a Queenslander home, or already own one that needs a renovation, here are a selection of kitchen styles that will suit its unique charm. From Hamptons style to modern kitchens, choose the look and style that best suits you.

What Is A Queenslander Home?

Often on stilts (to keep safe from flash flooding), the original notion of the Queenslander design was to create a home that would be both cool in summer and warm in winter. The large windows, which are commonly incorporated into the design, were intended to act as sails on a ship to allow the summer breeze enter the house. Large, covered wrap-around verandahs are a consistent feature, specifically created to escape the summer heat.

Keep in mind that many Queenslander homes are heritage listed, which means that you will need special council approval for renovation work. Check with your local council before embarking on any renovations that affect the exterior of your house.

Choosing A Kitchen Style For Your Queenslander

Queenslander homes are a more traditional look, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick with a similar style kitchen. Below are some style alternatives that will suit your Queenslander, from the charming Hamptons style kitchen, to the sleek contemporary kitchen. There is no right or wrong choice – the Queenslander home does give you the freedom to mix and match some design elements. However, if you do decide to install a modern kitchen, it is nice to pay homage to the architectural bones of your home by respecting its features and not trying to cover them up.

A Hamptons Styled Kitchen

The casual and elegant Hamptons style kitchen originated from the Hamptons region of Long island, New York. Prestigious, glamorous yet village like; these kitchens have since evolved to become more casual and coastal. The Hamptons kitchen is ever increasing in popularity across the world as people seek an alternative to sleek and minimal surfaces. Instead, opting for something richer and more substantial, yet not overbearing. Below are some images to inspire you if you decide to go for this look in your next renovation.

grey hamptons style kitchen

Grey shaker style doors are paired with a 20mm marble bench top. The kitchen isn’t overly cluttered yet there is enough detail in the door design to give the kitchen substance.

white hamptons kitchen with a marble splash back

Uncomplicated yet charming this kitchen would suit a variety of Queensland style homes. A Caesarstone bench top is paired with a marble tiled splash back. Wall cabinets are omitted to create an open feel with the range hood surround being a feature.

white hamptons kitchen with a dark island

The kitchen above is in an apartment in New York. However, this style would still suit a Queensland home. That is the beauty of a Hamptons style kitchen, it is very versatile!

white hamptons kitchen with grey subway splash back

Grey subway tiles make a big statement in this kitchen. Elegant, traditional but fresh this look can work well in a Queenslander home if you would like to create some contrast.

Modern Kitchens For Your Queenslander

Modern styles will work well in a Queenslander home, you just have to be careful not to be too safe or overly sleek. It is nice to mix up some elements with your modern kitchen, whether it be some industrial style seating, a unique splash back etc.

herringbone kitchen splash back

Simple white cabinets are offset with a herringbone feature splash back. The island has a thicker bench top, and is finished with copper pendants and Scandinavian styled furniture.

a simple white and timber kitchen

This kitchen is quite minimal but has enough visual interest with the contrasting timber cabinets. Essentially Scandinavian in style and feel, this kitchen would work well in a Queenslander home as it is open and airy.

modern timber kitchen with no wall cabinets

Keeping it simple with timber. The timber matches the flooring and its unique texture and minimal approach make this kitchen very appealing for a Queenslander house.

white, timber and marble kitchen

The VJ grooves in the kitchen cabinets would work well with VJ grooves often found in the walls or ceilings of a Queenslander. The bold but elegant approach to this modern kitchen pays homage to the features found in these traditional styled homes.

Making Use Of The Verandah

One unique feature that Queenslander homes often share is the use of the verandah. Incorporated into the traditional design, the verandah is a place to escape the heat and capture the summer breeze. An ideal spatial layout would be to have the kitchen close to the verandah so that you can extend the kitchen into the verandah space. Below are some images that show ways in which this style of renovation can be achieved.

modern kitchen for a queenslander home

With large bi-fold windows, this kitchen bench extends into the verandah space. The design of the home keeps its traditional features, yet the kitchen is quite modern. The extended width of the bench top gives the kitchen an oversized appeal. The living area seamlessly transitions from indoor to outdoor.

kitchen with overhang to the verandah
modern queenslander kitchen opening up to the verandah

Here is another kitchen that takes advantage of the verandah space. The benchtop extends out into the veranda creating an indoor/ outdoors dining area.

hamptons kitchen opening to the verandah

Simply having kitchen open up to the verandah by means of bifold or sliding doors makes the internal layout feel so much bigger. The large bifold doors create another living area externally that becomes integrated with the kitchen space.

outdoor queenslander kitchen bbq

How about a second kitchen area on the verandah space. This kitchen contains an integrated bbq, fridge, and even a small kitchen island. Perfect for barbecuing on a balmy summers evening.

Making Your Kitchen Island A Feature

The kitchen space in a Queenslander home is often well proportioned. Most usually graced with high ceilings and a large floor area, the kitchen can become the ultimate place to make a statement. Featuring a kitchen island could be a less dramatic approach to work old and new into the space. This way, the rest of your cabinets can work in seamlessly with the existing architecture to create the kitchen island as the showpiece.

tiled kitchen island design

A modern, patterned tile on the kitchen island is a way to bring new life into the existing architecture without committing to a high tech, modern kitchen.

a tiled kitchen island and concrete bench top

This tiled island inspiration comes from a bar in New York but can easily be adapted to suit a Queenslander home. The tile works with both traditional and modern interiors, and paired with a concrete bench top, it looks very chic.

navy blue kitchen island feature
dark feature kitchen island

Both the kitchens above are fairly traditional. However, a navy blue kitchen island paired with some feature lighting brings interest and drama to the space.

Renovating a Queenslander requires patience and forethought. When it comes choosing a kitchen style, you can choose to stick to the traditional kitchen style that works in intimately with the architecture. Or, you can also opt for a kitchen style that is modern yet pays homage to the traditional features of the space. Your kitchen can still be a feature in these dreamy and unique Australian spaces.

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kitchen floor cabinets in a scandinavian kitchen
How To Save and Where To Splurge On Your Kitchen Renovation

We all want to save money on our kitchen renovation, but we don’t want to sacrifice the quality, look and function of our kitchen design. So, we want to give you a few tips and suggestions of ways you can maximise your kitchen budget and still achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

How To Save Money On Your Kitchen Renovation

1. Less Is More- The Eye Is Drawn To Symmetry

Some elements of your kitchen renovation are simple going to be more costly than others. These include things like materials, layout and internal mechanisms that make your kitchen work. If you can keep the design simple than you can keep the cost down too.

For example – while it would be wonderful to have drawers popping out at all directions, the internal mechanisms for this make the pricing almost double that of a same size cupboard. It is the internal mechanisms that make the drawers pricey, so instead of having two banks of 450mm wide drawers, why not have one bank and extend it to 900mm?Not only will your drawers be elongated and streamlined, but you will save some dollars too!

Another tip is to keep your cabinet sizes the same where possible. Your eye is drawn to symmetry and your kitchen will have a designer appeal if you can maintain cabinets at the same width. See the below images of simple yet symmetrical cabinetry. Also shown is a detail of wide drawers that are fairly cost effective.

kitchen cabinetry- symmetrical and uncomplicated
wide kitchen drawers- simple and streamlined

2. Wall Cabinetry

Can you go without wall cabinets? Not only will your space look more open and spacious, but you will also save significantly on your budget. On an average kitchen, this could mean savings of around 20-30% of the total cost. You will just need to weigh up your storage needs. Sometimes there will be no other option but to incorporate wall cabinets into our design. However, it is a money-saving option worthy of exploration when you’re designing your new renovation. Below are some stylish looking kitchens that are wall cabinet free.

simple and stylish kitchen without wall units
kitchen floor cabinets in a scandinavian kitchen

3. Door Finishes

The finish on your doors can affect your kitchen budget dramatically. Depending on your budget and what you desire to achieve, there are less expensive ways to present your doors. Below are two options that show a budget approach for two different types of looks you may be trying to achieve.

A Modern Kitchen

A flat door surface is often finished in polyurethane. There are many advantages to this material but it does come at a price. Another option is to go for a handless laminate finish, which will look very similar in the end. There are laminate finishes that come in an ultra matte finish, a sheen finish and a textured finish – so the choice is large.

A Timber Kitchen

Solid timber or timber veneer can be a pricey option for your kitchen design. You can now find finishes that resemble timber closely and are much cheaper. For example, look at the NAVurban range, as well as the Polytec Ravine range. Below are some kitchens that make use of these finishes. The first image uses Polytec Natural Oak doors, the second is a detail of Navurban ‘Hooped Pine’ and the third is Navurban ‘Toorak’.

naturban toorak timber door detail
Navurban hooped pine door detail
polytec natural oak doors

3. Fancy Mechanisms

No doubt, internal mechanisms will make your kitchen more ergonomic but they can also add a great deal of cost to your kitchen. Pull-out pantries, internal drawers, lemans unit, lazy Susan’s, pull-out bins, appliance cabinets, etc. are all great gadgets to include in your kitchen if your pockets are deep. Don’t worry too much however, if your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to include these nifty gadgets. The look and quality of your kitchen is not going to be comprised without them.

lemans corner unit for kitchen
hettich pantry pull out unit

4. Choose Appliances Wisely

Your appliance selection is going to affect your budget dramatically. You can spend anywhere from $2, 000- $80, 000 for a selected package. Our main recommendation here is to never go for the cheapest made appliances – as attractive as the low prices may seem. We suggest sticking to a reputable brand, even some of the top brands such as Smeg and Miele and opting for their lowest range product. That way you will be assured of quality but are not overpaying for features that you may not even use.

Where To Splurge On Your Kitchen Renovation

We all want our kitchens to look like they are worth a million dollars, without actually having to spend one million dollars on it. Below are our top tips on where you should never scrimp on your renovation and where you should invest your money to achieve the best outcome for your renovation..

1. Custom Made

There is nothing worse than seeing a newly renovated kitchen where the cabinets simply don’t fit. The cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, and there are filler panels where cabinets should have been extended. Every home and building is unique and it is very rare that a prefabricated kitchen will work with the measurements that your space allows. Your renovation will look half complete, so its worth searching for a company that will make custom kitchens at reasonable prices. That way, the kitchen becomes part of the architecture rather than looking like mismatched cabinets stuck into place. Below are some examples where you can see that the sizes of the cabinetry was not custom made.

kitchen cabinetry showing filler gaps
kitchen wall units don't fit well

2. Hinges and Runners

Opting for excellent quality hinges and runners is not going to break the bank, and neither will your kitchen fall apart in time. A kitchen, unlike many other areas of your home, is above anything a workspace. You want your workspace to be an ergonomic engine house. The bones of your kitchen are the hinges and runners. You want your drawers and doors to open and close without effort. You want hassle-free longevity in your hinges and runners. Top brands to consider are Blum and Hettich which are both German made, and are highly engineered mechanisms – a simple door hinge will have up to 26 parts. They also both offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Don’t cheap out on the hinges and runners (make sure you choose the soft closing options too) you definitely won’t regret it!

blum hinge showing soft close detail

3. Bench-tops

Sure it is cheaper to put in a laminate bench top, but we believe spending the extra money on a manufactured stone bench top will be a rewarding priority. Spending an extra $1500 or so will get you the following benefits; 1. higher rental return. 2. bring a higher resale value to your property. 3. Will make your kitchen look and feel luxurious. To keep the costs low opt for a standard range colour with a standard edge profile (20mm). Below are two images of standard 20mm edge, the first uses a natural stone, the second is Caesarstone ‘Snow’.

stone bench top 20mm thick
Caesarstone benchtop in snow 20mm

4. Lighting

Lighting design is something many kitchen designers fail to address. The kitchen being a work space needs ample task lighting, but it also needs ambiance lighting too. LED task lighting under wall cabinetry and pendant lighting coupled together with some overhead lighting should do the trick.

kitchen pendant lighting in copper
kitchen LED task lighting
kitchen shelf LED feature lighting

There are many ways you can save money on your kitchen renovation. Much of this comes down to a cleverly designed space using good quality but reasonably priced materials. To keep the cost down, strip the kitchen back to its bare necessity but pay close attention to the details.

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white and black scandinavian kitchen
Scandinavian Kitchens : Choose A Look To Suit Your Lifestyle

Minimal and pared down, there is something to say about the simplicity and elegance of the Scandinavian kitchen aesthetic. It is not only a look, but a lifestyle, that can be easily replicated: decluttered, minimal and care-free. By paying attention to detail and simplicity you can create a Scandinavian kitchen to suit your lifestyle. Below we have chosen three styles; the monochromatic look, classic white and timber, and a sophisticated grey take on the Scandinavian style.

Bold and Graphic: The Monochromatic Look

The Scandinavian kitchen follows similar design principles found in Scandinavian design; it is simple, monochromatic and bold. The kitchen is a functional representation of Scandinavian style, graphic, stylish and minimal. In the kitchens below we explore the composition between black and white, form and void.

white and black scandinavian kitchen

The above kitchen belongs to Finnish blogger of #Lagerma Fresh, white and crisp, the kitchen uses subtle black accents. These can be found in the grout of the tile splash back, the slim black bench top and the suspended lighting design. Unpretentious and casual, the kitchen is stylish yet effortless and functional.

black scandinavian kitchen design

These kitchens above use black as a defining feature of the space. The kitchen above uses a palette of charcoal walls, rustic floorboards, and dark wenge cabinetry. The simplicity lies in the streamlined drawers that run the length of the wall, there is no wall cabinetry to clutter the space. On the right, white simple cabinetry is offset by a daring black wall. A black range hood sits disguised in-between. A timber bench top and flooring softens the look.

scandinavian kitchen with black

kitchen space danish style

Shades of black, grey and white add a strong graphic element to this industrial style Scandinavian kitchen. The black ceiling adds drama to the space.

white scandinavian kitchen

How about adding small touches of black instead of big gestures? Whilst only small changes, the black tapware and lighting give this kitchen a lot of punch.

norweigan kitchen black cabinetry

This kitchen is designed by Rune Aas Strandviks in Trøndelag, Norway. Whilst black is a strong colour, it is not overbearing in this kitchen as there are no wall cabinets. Additional storage is provided by an open shelf rack in black. This keeps the kitchen open and airy.

Classic and Elegant: White on Timber

Mixing light timber tones with kitchen cabinetry defines the classic Scandinavian kitchen. Simple, classy yet down to earth with an elegant mix of materials, this look would be an easy fit in most homes.

scandinavian kitchen featuring marble splash back

There are some beautiful details in this modest kitchen design by Vinciane Fiorentini-Michel. A white laminate bench top with a timber edge, white tap wear, off centred shelves, a beautiful light, and the gorgeous unfinished edge of the marble hexagonal tiled splash back.

How beautiful and striking is this kitchen designed by INT2 architecture. It is playful and minimal with a great mix of textures and art. The plywood wall extends into the ceiling contrasting with the white timber beams and white brick kitchen splash back. Feature lighting replaces wall cabinetry for that added wow factor.

light timber kitchen

Mix up the direction of the timber grain if you want to create a unique twist with timber.

white and timber kitchen

Designed by Katrien Van Doren in Antwerp this small kitchen is playful and modest and makes use of texture. An uncomplicated layout is given depth with a white textured wall, hanging lights and plywood cabinetry for the upper cabinets.

minimal white kitchen design

A simple timber bench top can be enough to add warmth to an entire space. The rest of the design is kept minimal, streamlined and very white. Designed by Vert Kjøkken.

timber spashback and bench top

The brief for the architects O’Conner and Huole was to ‘create a simple house to nurture a love of nature within our children, and instill within them a desire to live slowly’. With great attention to detail and craftsmanship this kitchen certainly instills these values.

A Touch Of Sophistication: Grey

Deviating from the all white and timber style, grey can be a sophisticated solution to your Scandinavian kitchen design. It is more edgy and daring than white, but not so risky that it’s a wild card. Grey comes in all different shades too, so you can veer from slightly off white to very close to black.

grey scandinavian kitchen design

Charcoal cabinetry, a concrete bench top and a breathtaking splash back design makes this grey kitchen super stylish. The relaxed and unfinished edge on the hexagonal tiles are playful, as are the hanging lights and open island bench cabinetry.

grey scandinavian kitchen design

Designed by KK Living in Oslo, this lighter grey kitchen is contrasted with white subway tiles and an open layout giving it a fresh and expansive feel.

concrete and plywood kitchen

Add grey by adding some more texture. The concrete island bar back contrasts with the stainless steel bench top and ply wood cabinetry.

We were consulted recently by Bupa Home Insurance​ on our favourite kitchen styling for their article, ‘How to Create the Perfect Australian Kitchen‘ so read more on what we have to say about Scandinavian there.

It isn’t too hard to create a simple and stunning Scandinavian kitchen for your home. Remember to follow these ethos; less is more, declutter your space and mind, and pay attention to material textures and details. From the monochromatic look, to the softer white and timber appeal, there is a Scandinavian style to suit every home.

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blue tea kitchen material selection
The Curated Kitchen- Sweet Greys and Earthy Textures

Our Palette Pick

blue tea kitchen material selection

Material Details & Pros & Cons

Below is a breakdown of the materials to create this look. The below sections will reference the material specifications and point out the positives and negatives of each material.

1. Navurban ‘Toorak’

NAVurban Veneers Pros and Cons

The NAVurban range from New Age Veneers is another one of our popular specifications. The reason we love this product so much is because of its large range of textural finishes. From fine grain, to heavy grain, cross grain and rough-sawn qualities there is definitely a texture to suit your project. It is a manufactured product with an embossed surface made from NAVurbans unique Olefin (a synthetic fibre). The range is made using low VOC products, which is both good for the environment and good for you. Unlike natural veneers or timbers, this range has great UV stability meaning it wont fade or discolour in the sun. It is a very durable and resilient material and the textures are diverse and awesome.


The downside is that it is a laid surface which means there is an edge on the door material. Whilst it may not be visible with many colours, you should definitely check in with your designer to see which edge they will specify as there aren’t as many edge choices as there are door choices.

NAV veneers for 2015 kitchen material trend

2. Porcelain Tiles Designed By Patricia Urquiola

In this look we wanted to go for something that had a lot of texture. These tiles designed by Patricia Urquiola have just that. Lace has been embossed on the tiles giving them a gentle sculptural feel. They compliment the look of this kitchen design by adding depth and character. If you would like to order these tiles and find out more information on them try Academy Tiles in Artarmon. The tile that we have selected specifically here is Dechirer Mutina 71874

Splash-back Tiles Pros and Cons

Tiles come in a wide variety of textures and colours that can make your splashback become a beautiful feature in your kitchen. Tiles have a genuine warmth and texture to them making them a popular choice in 2015. Glass has been popular for the last few years, but we are definitely now seeing the rise of tile splash backs.

patricia urquiola tiles splashback

3. West Elm Droplet Glass Chandelier

The kitchen, with its dark greys and warm textures really benefits from having this style of feature lighting. It compliments the depth of the kitchen, is light and bubbly and lifts the whole space to become fresh and playful. It is available for $499. You can find it on their website under lighting.

kitchen lighting for 2015 kitchen trends

4. Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper

Florence Broadhurst is an iconic Australian designer. We choose a black and white wallpaper to become a graphic background to the textural kitchen space. Featured here is Shadow Floral FBW-RF25.

If you are interested in ordering this wallpaper, you can do so online here.

Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper 'Shadow Floral FBW-RF25'

5. CaesarStone Bench-Top 'Sleek Concrete'

‘Sleek Concrete’ Pros and Cons

This is one of Caesarstones new colours and is made to resemble the natural and weathered look of concrete.

Caesarstone is a manufactured stone, in this case it is made to resemble the look of concrete. While it is not concrete it does a brilliant job of replicating it butit doesn’t have the same rough and uneven texture concrete has. However, if you are after a sharper looking concrete this is a great alternative. A concrete bench top is typically poured on site, so it can be messy, unpredictable and unstable. Caesarstone will not have this problem and it has superior structural integrity and durability. A matt surface texture however will show up scratches and marks more than a polished surface, but we think this is worth the look and the scratches will add to the patina of the benchtop.

6. Polyurethane Matt Door in Resene 'Half Fuscous Grey'

We choose this colour as its the perfect shade of grey. It is dark without being over powering. The matt polyurethane finish is contemporary and urban.

Polyurethane Pros and Cons

Polyurethane is our most specified product because it is simply beautiful. It is a spray painted finish that is then hand buffed and baked to perfection. It’s ultra smooth appearance is its main benefit. As it is painted finish there are no join lines on the edges, making it our most popular choice. You can also specify any colour you would like in any strength making polyurethane a designers dream. You can choose between a matt, satin and a gloss finish.

The cons are that it is slightly more fragile than other doors which have stronger laminated CAD edges. Like a painted car, it can get scratched and damaged if treated poorly. The other thing to keep in mind is that all polyurethane isn’t equally made. Poor quality polyurethane will chip easy and discolour in the sunlight. This is particularly true for imported poly from China and the like, so take care when selecting your suppliers.

blue tea colour trend for cabinets dark grey

7. Polished Concrete Floors

The kitchen is quite rich and textural, so we wanted to contrast the look with polished concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to a concrete floor. It is very easy to clean and is very low maintenance. It also doesn’t collect dust or have excessive chemicals used in production which is better for your indoor air quality. However, concrete is a very hard and cold material, which means it may not be suitable for everybody. There are steps you can do to minimise this such as embedding heating channels into the concrete before it is poured. It is also a cost effective way to heat your home in winter. You can also add heavy rugs and furnishings to soften up the hardness of the concrete too.

concrete floor polished in kitchen

The Finished Kitchen

2015 kitchen design trend blue tea

We would love to see one of these installed in your space so contact our designers today.

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INT2-kitchen-white and timber
The Things We Love And Hate About White Kitchens
Renovating the kitchen can be one of the biggest jobs that can undertake when remodelling your home. Like we have always said, the kitchen is the hub of the home and the room where your family will probably spend most of their time. Choosing the right colour scheme and design is vital as it is not something you can easily alter; getting it right first time is pretty important.

Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes and colours but the most popular colour tends to be white. Why is that?

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