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No Sales People

At Blue Tea, interior architects–not sales people–design your kitchen. We don’t focus on selling predefined cabinets, we focus on getting your kitchen design 100% right for you.

Locally Made

Your custom kitchen is manufactured right here in Sydney. We use local products whenever possible, but globally source leading hardware to ensure the best quality.

Own Your Kitchen Plans

You get to keep a copy of your kitchen plan. This saves time if you choose to get other quotes, so you can compare apples with apples.

Service Guarantee

We are the only company in Australia which offers a service guarantee on our kitchen installations. $1000 money-back if you are unhappy with any part of our renovation service.

We believe the kitchen of your dreams can be affordable. Starting with the design process, Blue Tea strives for innovative concepts and materials, giving you options, and taking your new kitchen above and beyond your expectations. We strive for innovative concepts and materials to bring simplicity, clarity and ingenuity to your kitchen renovation.


Give our interior architects around three hours with you on site. Upon completion, they will present you with your own unique kitchen design, including layout (plan and elevations), colour, materials, hardware and lighting. Every detail is included so we, or any kitchen company you choose, can price and install your dream kitchen.


If you chose to purchase your dream kitchen from Blue Tea, your interior architect will work with you from design to installation to a final quality control check to ensure perfection.